Workers Compensation Audit Definition:

[wur-kers kom-puhn-sey-shuhn aw-dit]

Insurance Company: Ways to charge your business more money.

Our Definition: Ways to find workers compensation insurance company mistakes and fix them.

We find insurance company's mistakes, fix them, and get you your money back.

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Experience Modification Rate

Are You Maximizing Efforts To Reduce Your Workers’ Compensation Costs?


Understanding your Experience Modification Rating (Experience Mod / X-Mod / E-Mod) and monitoring it regularly, plays a major role in reducing your Workers’ Compensation costs.

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Experience Modification Rate

Workers’ Compensation Rates

How are my Workers' Compensation Rates calculated?


The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) makes recommended rate changes. They use an intricate formula based on multiple factors. This information is given to the insurance companies and they adjust their rates accordingly.


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Workers Compensation Rates